“The Lady Eve” (Comedies of Remarriage movie series)

From Monday, May 4. we will be showing a series of screwball comedies, and read the coresponding chapters in Stanley Cavell’s book “Pursuits of Happiness“, in the following order:

1. “The Lady Eve” – chapter 1 (Monday, May 4th 17.3o)

2. “It Happened One Night” – chapter 2 (TBA)

3. “Bringing Up Baby” – chapter 3 (TBA)

4. “The Philadelphia Story” – chapter 4 (TBA)

5. “His Girl Friday” (TBA)

6. “Adam’s Rib” (TBA)

7. “The Awful Truth” (TBA)

The first movie will be “Lady Eve”, directed by Preston Sturges, and starring Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda, and we are reading the introduction of  Cavell’s book (“Words for a Conversation”), and the first chapter (“Pros and Cons”). The Introduction and the first chapter can be downloaded from here and here, respectively.



Ebert’s review



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