new semester, new screenings…

…of old films, to begin with.


We started this term’s screenings on Oct. 16th with The Great Dictator [1940]. We’ll announce shortly what’s next.

Here’s how you make a great dictator, in color:


5 thoughts on “new semester, new screenings…

  1. á says:

    keep up the good work

  2. George says:

    We’re tryin’ – R. at least (dear R, will you tell us what’s next?).

    The idea came up that you might have time and, given the location, inspiration for posters. Your images keep us captive, you see.

    • á says:

      i’d love to (provided that my computer won’t capitulate under the weight of cs3). i’ll need a couple of days’ notice though.

    • á says:

      i’ve just realized that the club is one year old tonight (if we count “the wind that shakes the barley” as our establishing screening). i hope you’ll all go out to celebrate after the next screening and drink cheap hungarian beer until you can’t see.

  3. George says:

    Long live then.

    So the nostalgia is double-edged; the club & reasonably priced inebriants? There’ll be stuff left when you and your thesis come back, don’t worry.

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