Alien (1979); November 6th, 18h, Zrinyi 14, 411

“It seems clear, however, that it is the alien’s monstrous representation
of human sexual difference that most fundamentally
drives the plot of Scott’s film. For, given the alien’s threatening
incarnation of predatory masculinity and its attempt to locate the
human as such in the position of femininity, it makes perfect
sense that the heroic human protagonist of the drama that
unfolds on board the Nostromo should turn out to be a woman
rather than a man, and that, of the two female candidates for this
role, it should be Ripley rather than Lambert. Thus one of Scott’s
most effective subversions of the hybrid genre in which he is
working (his association of femininity with heroism rather than
victimhood) turns out to be dictated by the logic of his monster’s
monstrousness. Hence our sense that Ripley’s final, isolated confrontation
with the alien is not accidental or merely a generic
twist but more profoundly satisfying – something to which she
is fated.”

Stephen Mulhall, “On Film”


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