Takva: A man’s fear of god (2006). Friday, February 5th, 6 P.M., Zrinyi 14, room 412.

Set in a Sufi-Mevlevi “dergah” (dervish lodge) in Istanbul, Turkey, “Takva” is about the moral, religious and psychological clash faced by a puritan believer of Islam. The camera takes the audience behind the doors of a closed religious sect, where an ordinary follower of the sheik is promoted to an extraordinarily high status: He is given the worldly duty of collecting the money for the dergah to prosper. As the devotee is driven away from his solitary and modest life in the name of ascension, his story takes on a tragic route.

Highly acclaimed for its cast and directorship, “Takva” succeeds in conveying a story from a secluded community which can easily elude modern times, in a naturalist vein through beautiful imagery and cinematography.


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