The Maltese Falcon, Zrinyi 14, room 412, Friday 6:00pm

From Friday May 7th till the Middle of June we will be screening the classics of film noir, and doing some reading on the side. The screenings will take place every Friday at 6:00, an Zrinyi 14, room 412, and the reading group will gather at the same place an hour earlier, at 5:00pm. For Friday 7th we will be reading a short introduction by Mark T. Conard, “Nietzsche and the Meaning and Definition of Noir”,  and watching “The Maltese Falcon”. See you all there!


Directed by: John Huston

Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lore

Running time: 101min

“To describe the plot in a linear and logical fashion is almost impossible. That doesn’t matter. The movie is essentially a series of conversations punctuated by brief, violent interludes. It’s all style. It isn’t violence or chases, but the way the actors look, move, speak and embody their characters. Under the style is attitude: Hard men, in a hard season, in a society emerging from Depression and heading for war, are motivated by greed and capable of murder. For an hourly fee, Sam Spade will negotiate this terrain. Everything there is to know about Sam Spade is contained in the scene where Bridget asks for his help and he criticizes her performance: ”You’re good. It’s chiefly your eyes, I think–and that throb you get in your voice when you say things like, ‘be generous, Mr. Spade.’ ” He always stands outside, sizing things up. Few Hollywood heroes before 1941 kept such a distance from the conventional pieties of the plot.”

Roger Ebert


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