Blade Runner (6:00pm) and Film Noir reading group (5:00pm), Zrinyi 14, room 412, Friday, June 11th

On Friday, June 11th, we will be discussing a short piece by John Belton , “Language, Oedipus, and Chinatown”, and watching “Blade Runner”. The reading group starts at 5:00 pm, and the screening at 6:00. See you all there!

Blade Runner (1982)

Directed by: Ridley Scott

Starring: Rutger Hauer, Harrison Ford, Sean Young

Runtime: 117 min

“The physical and spiritual landscape of Blade Runner is that of the age of technology: those remnants of humanity left behind by the off-world pioneers and settlers find themselves in a world with no sunlight, surrounded by mechanisms huge, soulless buildings, police vehicles observing their deeds from the air, flying advertisement hoardings with probing searchlights, and obscurely purposeful but aberrantly shaped monoliths dividing up the pavements and roadways. In every case, the scale of the machines dwarfs that of their human creators, a diminution which is only restored by the numbers of human beings who populate the city the ebb and flow of crowds is alone capable of making it seem that Los Angeles is inhabited by its people; but even within those crowds, it seems clear that technology threatens its human creators in some intimate way.”

Stephen Mulhall


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