Friday, March 11: Zazie dans le metro (1960)

Zazie Dans Le Métro (Zazie in the metro), 1960
Directed by Louis Malle
French with English subtitles, 89 minutes

Zazie, the 12-year-old mischievous provincial, comes to Paris with her mother. She should stay with Uncle Gabriel for two days, while her mother enjoys her time with a lover. Not only because she is a brat par excellence but also with the aim of seeing the Paris Métro, Zazie escapes from the custody…

“… and nothing is the same afterwards.” could be the ending of the plot summary (if there was any story to be told). Yet summarizing Malle’s crazy film is almost nonsensical. The reason being that Zazie defies wording in any fashion: It is simply an exploration of filmic language itself, an unrestrained cinematic challenge to the accustomed logic of ordinary life.


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Living since 1981, I'm a philosophy scholar from Ankara, Turkey

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