G & S / V & I, 4th week: La Spettatrice

The Italian drama by Paolo Franchi (2004) is about unfulfilled and asymmetrical love affairs between three people. The main character, Valeria, is a simultaneous translator in Turin who lives a somewhat alienated life. She watches her neighbour Massimo secretly, seemingly without conscious or ready enough to admit herself that she is in love with him. When the man moves to Rome unexpectedly, Valeria abruptly takes the bold step to go after him. There she finds out that Massimo is flirting with Flavia, a widow in her 50’s. Through some inept and deceitful deeds, Valeria ends up working with Flavia, and later meets Massimo. Hence a love triangle is formed.

The screening will be on the 4th of November (this friday), in Room 412 in the Zrinyi 14 building, at 18h.


About Sillynamenace

Living since 1981, I'm a philosophy scholar from Ankara, Turkey

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