G & S / V & I, 10th Week: Little Black Book

After all these grim films on voyeurism and surveillance, let us finish this very series with a light-weight Hollywood comedy: Little Black Book (2004). Acknowledging the numerous negative reviews of the film, we shall not do injustice to the natural flow of its story and the original approach to spying on/intervening people’s personal matters.

Stacy clumsily pursues a life without much self-involvement. She starts a new job in the TV, becoming the assistant of an associate producer (Barb) of a wicked talk show, where any controversial or personal matter can be abused for the sake of reckless spectacle. One day she gets curious about her boyfriend’s past with other women. Barb tempts Stacy to take advantage of the available resources, namely the boyfriend’s palm handheld and the status of working for the TV itself. So Stacy begins to find the ex-girlfriends and pretends that she’s interviewing them for the show.

December 16, Friday, at 18:00, Zrinyi 14/Room 412

And, as I said before, we’re giving a break after this, meeting again on Jan 20.


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Living since 1981, I'm a philosophy scholar from Ankara, Turkey

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