Children IV: El espiritu de la colmena (Feb 10 Friday, 18h)

We finish the series on children with a masterpiece of Spanish arthouse cinema, The Spirit of the Beehive (1973), directed by Victor Erice.

Ana and Isabel are two sisters living in rural Spain of 1940s, in a period right after the Civil War.  The two kids enjoy an intimate friendship, in contrast with the emotional separateness dominating their family life (the father is immersed in beekeeping and the mother is secretly writing love letters to a soldier she met during the war). After watching the James Whale classic Frankenstein, however, differences in age and personality start to set them apart. Being the younger and the more introverted of the two, Ana is impressed much more by the death of the monster in the film. Isabel tells her that in reality the monster is not dead and can be appelled, too, once one becomes friends with him. She even shows her where he can be found. These shape how Ana interprets the life under General Franco’s regime. 


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Living since 1981, I'm a philosophy scholar from Ankara, Turkey

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