Feb 24, “Little Otik”

The Philm Club cordially invites you to this week’s film screening – a fantastic (and somewhat gruesome) portrayal of privation:

Little Otik (2000)
Directed by Jan Svankmajer
127 min
in Czech, with English subtitles

Feb 24 Friday, at 18.00
Zrinyi 14, Room 412

Bozena and Karel are a married couple who cannot have a child. One day Karel gives a tree root the form of a child and presents this to his wife, with the hope of cheering her up. Bozena does get happy, indeed — in fact, to her husband’s surprise, takes the root to be their real baby, stubbornly standing against the obvious invalidating facts.

Time proves her right, however, when the root is animated after 9 months. The couple have already deceived the neighbours, making them think that they’d have a baby. But how are they going to carry this on now, just as the kid starts to feed on everything and grow rapidly?


About Sillynamenace

Living since 1981, I'm a philosophy scholar from Ankara, Turkey

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