Straberry and Chocolate, February 28

This week’s screening:

Fresa y chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate, 1993, Cuba)

108 minutes

Directors: Tomas Gutierrez Alea, Juan Carlos Tabio

in Spanish with English subtitles


The story takes place in Havana in 1979. David (Vladimir Cruz) is a university student who meets Diego (Jorge Perugorría), a gay artist unhappy with the Castro regime’s attitude toward the LGBT community as well as the censored conceptualization of culture. David’s homophobic classmate, Miguel (Francisco Gattorno), plans to use David to spy on Diego, a person whom they see as aberrant and dangerous to the communist cause; Diego, for his part, initiates the friendship with sexual intentions. (wikipedia)

Trailer here in Spanish. [I couldn’t find a trailer with English subtitles, but there will be subtitles at the screening]

Friday, February 28, 18:00

Zrinyi 14, room 412


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