Portraits of Cities @ CEU

It was high time we mentioned this film series.

‘”Portraits of Cities” is film series organized and hosted by Zoltan Glück (MA, Sociology and Social Anthropology) and sponsored by the Comparative Urban Workshop in conjunction with the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology. The Series focused on cinematic representations of the urban in which the city is not merely the backdrop or container in which action takes place, but rather a principle object (or subject) of an artistic portraiture.’

The next screening is on Thursday at 7:30, in the Auditorium: Ozu’s Tokyo Story.

The full program of the series:

I. Portrait of Memphis, Tennessee
Mystery Train (1989) Thursday Jan 15th – 6:00PM
by Jim Jarmusch CEU Auditorium

II. Cinematic Language and Urban Modernity
Man With the Movie Camera (1929) Thursday Jan 22nd – 7:30PM
by Dziga Vertov CEU Auditorium

III. Portrait of Toyko
Tokyo Story (1953) Thursday Jan 29th – 7:30 PM
by Yasujiro Ozu CEU Auditorium

IV. Two Italian Neorealist Portraits: Naples, Rome
Hands Over the City (1963) Tuesday Feb 3rd – 6:00PM
by Francesco Rossi CEU Hanak Room

Rome Open City (1945) Thursday Feb 5th – 7:30PM
by Roberto Rossellini CEU Auditorium

V. Cities, War, Memory
La Jetée (1962) Alain Resnais Thursday Feb 12th – 6:00PM
Blockade (2006) by Sergei Loznitsa CEU Hanak Room

VI. Trauma and the City: (Recovering Hiroshima, Effacing Turin)
Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959) Tuesday Feb 17th – 6:00 PM
by Alain Resnais CEU Hanak Room

Red Desert (1964) Thursday Feb 19th – 7:30 PM
by Michelangelo Antonioni CEU Auditorium

VII. Portrait of Brooklyn in 1989
Do the Right Thing (1989) Thursday Feb 26th – 7:30 PM
by Spike Lee CEU Hanak Room

VIII. Portrait of Budapest in 1989
Moszkva Tér (2001) Thursday March 5th — 7:30 PM
by Ferenc Török CEU Hanak Room

IX. Tati’s Paris
Playtime (1967) Thursday March 12th – 7:30 PM
by Jacques Tati CEU Hanak Room

X. Portrait of a Soviet City
Magnitogorsk (1996) Thursday March 19th – 7:30 PM
CEU Hanak Room

XI. Portrait of Istanbul
Climates (2006) Thursday March 26th – 7:30 PM
by Nuir Bilge Ceylan CEU Hanak Room


Three documentaries: 20/11/2008

On November 20th, for the Universal Children’s Day, there will be a screening of the following three documentaries:

“The Children of Leningradsky”
Poland, 2004, 35 min, directed by Hanna Polak, Andrzej Celinski, language: Russian

“Children Who Never Existed”
Spain, 2007, 20 min, directed by David Valero, language: Arabic

Serbia and Montenegro, 2005, 27 min, directed by Natasa Stankovic, Lucian Muntean, language: Multiple

Auditorium, 6:00 PM

Other films @ CEU: I Am Sam, 11/11/08

Our colleagues from other departments organize film screenings too, and I think it’s a good idea to mention here at least some of these events. Well, here’s one:

The Human RightS Initiative [HRSI] Film Club is screening Jessie Nelson’s I Am Sam on Tuesday, November 11th – 6 PM, Auditorium. The screening is part of the Action Week for Tolerance.

I’ve seen the film some time ago and I liked it. Beyond the moral message, Sean Penn doesn’t spoil the bitter taste of marginality. One can only win so many battles; or so few. We all carry our own weight with us, but for the unfortunate this can easily mean carrying it to the point of sinking under it. Hope rests in the simple truth that we have the chance, and perhaps the duty, to keep each other afloat.