Suggested titles

This might be a suitable place for suggesting movies, compiling lists etc.

I’d like to open the list with Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead. What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Suggested titles

  1. Art Film Soc says:

    I would like to suggest a film tackling the issue of authenticity in art and the ontological status of mainstream gallery-art: ‘F is for Fake’, a film by Orson Welles (France, Iran, West Germany, 1974)

  2. ákos says:

    Art Film Soc:
    thanks for the suggestion, it does seem to be a promising one indeed.

  3. frank says:

    how abt


  4. ileriyinekel says:

    Frank, I think it’s the second most boring film by Ceylan! (Did you watch and like it?) I’d rather screen ‘Uzak’. You know that one?

  5. frank says:

    aw, come on, its not that bad, C.! why are you so hard on Turkish films?? 🙂 ok, I admit I made the suggestion before seeing the film, and it wasnt as good as I had been led to expect…. ….
    still, I wdnt mind a break from the voyeur films. what happened to those fun philms we used to see? 😉 I withdraw the above suggestion, if you can propose sth better…

  6. ileriyinekel says:

    I’ve already proposed ‘Uzak’, and we’ll probably have that one next term. But Frank, there are two things I didn’t understand: “Break from voyeur films”? Why? If your claim is that it’s been too repetitive, I can’t agree with that. I believe that in the ongoing series we’ve seen *too many* issues, signifying a great variety. (In fact I think it’s even legitimate to criticize me for putting too many different things in the same bag.) On top of this, I wish you were present in “Man with a movie camera” (last friday) – you’d possibly find the break you’re asking for. (It’s a very good film by the way, you’d like it. I suggest you to download it from And the other thing I didn’t understand: What do you mean by a “fun philm”? It seems, some films we screened last year (or the year before) impressed you. Let me know those, okay?

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